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Forum in English / Re: Solaris in a Play
« dnia: Kwiecień 02, 2007, 10:11:39 am »

I attended a performance of Solaris brought to stage by a theatre from Berlin. You may wish to my website for details:


Good luck!

Forum in English / Re: Solaris: Theatrical Performance near Berlin
« dnia: Wrzesień 29, 2004, 10:32:08 am »
The core discussion goes as follows: In the physics of black holes there is the assumption that all known formulas of whatever theory only work outside the black hole. In it, forces, gravity and everything becomes infinite. With infinity you can't do any calculations anymore. The whole theory breaks down. Between the outside (were physiscs is just fine) and the inside the must be a sharp border, the so calles black-shield border.
positive dragon

Hi folks,

last week I started reading Steven Hawking's "A brief history of time". In the chapter on black holes I found that I messed up something in my writing on the Solaris piece: Black-Shield (German: Schwarzschild) is the name of the German astronomer who postulated the radius of a black hole.  The similarity between 'black hole' and 'black shield' was misinterpreted by me. Sorry!

Forum in English / Re: Solaris: Theatrical Performance near Berlin
« dnia: Wrzesień 07, 2004, 08:53:20 pm »
Hi folks,

the pics are online at:


Have fun!

Forum in English / Re: Solaris: Theatrical Performance near Berlin
« dnia: Wrzesień 06, 2004, 11:46:29 am »
So, I was there. It was a 200 km ride (and the same retour) but it was worth it.

The performance is based upon the idea of the director Martin Wuttke of the Berlin theatre "Volksbuehne" is goes beyond the content of Solaris. It discusses the theoriy of cognition, limitations of quantum physics, philosophy of thinking and more. Language was German.

The "stage" is a hangar of app. 100 x 100 squaremeters and 15 mtrs high. The huge gate was wide open and the actors also used part of the airfield, up to 100 mtrs away. The audience was placed on a tribune inside the hangar facing the gate. In the right portion of the gate there was a videowall with three screens, one on top of the other. The cabins and the library were semitransparent greenhouses, distributed across the scenery. A number of cameras in each greenhouse and out on the airfield were managed by a technical life crew and their pictures shown
on the videowall. The blue and red suns were spotlights coming from the outside of the hangar thru it's glass walls.

The piece started with Kris' arrival at the Solaris station and his attemps to find Gibarian. He is also confronted with Harey. Later, there are two actresses playing Harey and both appear on stage at the same time. Further, the Solaris ocean is played by a man who is always around: a clever way to show the omnipresence of it. Solaris also takes part in the numerous conversations on cognition, philosophy and physics.

The core discussion goes as follows: In the physics of black holes there is the assumption that all known forulas of whatever theory only work outside the black hole. In it, forces, gravity and everything becomes infinite. With infinity you can't do any calculations anymore. The whole theory breaks down. Between the outside (were physiscs is just fine) and the inside the must be a sharp border, the so calles black-shield border. The analogy here is that the humans brought all their culture, knowledge, philosophy and science to the Solaris staion orbiting Solaris. But they can't recognize what the ocean actually is. They are at a black-shield border and the ocean is sort of a black hole.

For example the guests consist of neutrinos. Neutrinos are extremely light and superfast particles. The question is how the ocean could slow down these superfast particles to form atoms out of them. And that without any machinery or even a thought. It's just an ocean.

Another issue raised was the questions if it would be possible to prove that the crew members don't dream all this. It lead to the works of Kant about cognition of the "thing itself" (Are we able to recognize the "thing itself" as a whole or are we only recognizing the part of it that we are able to understand and see and consider that part to be the whole thing?)

After all, two hours of brainfood of the best kind. They handed out a program brochure with a comic-like digest of the gameplay. I will keep it side by side to my Solaris book and DVDs. I took some pics and will post that on my website, when finished.
positive dragon

Forum in English / Re: Summa Technologiae
« dnia: Sierpień 26, 2004, 09:25:38 am »
I wasn't aware that this book has never been translated into English.

Wow, you must have plenty of time at your hands! I appreciate your idea but ...

Remember the Soderbergh-Solaris discussion. The only translation of Solaris into English is based on a mediocre French translation. Do you really trust the German version? From my point of view, if someone starts such a huge work, it should be done based on the original Polish source. And it should be approved by Mr Lem.

If he agrees to such a project it should be done. But it will take time.

Just my 2 Eurocents.

Forum in English / Solaris: Theatrical Performance near Berlin
« dnia: Sierpień 24, 2004, 10:31:10 am »
Hi folks,

I just read that there will be a theatrical performance of Solaris on an airfield in a German village not far from the Polish border. Details in German and Polish are here:


Not sure if I can go there. It's about 200 km from my place.
If somebody should go there I'd like some impressions here.

Forum in English / Re: Films on Lem's books
« dnia: Lipiec 20, 2004, 09:56:48 am »
Hi Karel,

nice link, but ... this is the English forum, you see? Could someone shed some light on the list of films mentioned there? Thanks!

re. Ikrai: I watched this series on TV when I was a child in GDR TV. The problem is: These fantastic SF films were synchronized by GDR TV and the films now rest on some archive shelf. I don't know who the rights has to broadcast them. Maybe the regional stations MDR or RBB in Germany. But I don't have satellite nor cable TV.

re "Der schweigende Stern": I actually own the DVD (German soundtrack)). Surely, it's a high qualitiy production for the end of the 50s and the technical quality of the DVD is surprisingly good. The story is rather political and goes about peaceful cooperation between the East and the West, the aftermath of a nuclear war, and so on. Nevertheless worth watching for those who understand German. I also watched this when I was a teenage kid. We used to play Kosmokrator, after the name of the starship. There's also an US version ("First Spaceship on Venus") of that movie with an English soundtrack but the story is totally different. See: http://www.dvdtalk.com/dvdsavant/s138first.html or here: http://tesla.liketelevision.com/liketelevision/tuner.php?channel=1007&format=movie&theme=guide or do you own google search.

Forum in English / Re: technicalities
« dnia: Czerwiec 01, 2004, 09:46:01 am »
I personally recommend to watch the old one first. See also the Solaris Movie thread for details. If you watch the Clooney movie make sure you have a fat subwoofer on. Most of its music happens in the very low frequency range :o. My favorite is the Tarkovski movie as it much better addresses the philosophical issues of the original story.

Forum in English / Re: Ray Bradbury
« dnia: Maj 27, 2004, 08:58:40 am »
You definitely should read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you like it, read the other books in the right order. They are a trilogy consisting of four books.

In some respect they are similar to the Star diaries. Adams also develops a number of funny situations that develop out of unconventional logical relations. They are definitely worth reading. Make sure you don't hurt yourself or your family if you burst in laughter. If you don't burst in laughter, well, Adams might not be the right author for you. Most like it, some don't.

Try his shorty on pedants to get a feel for his style: http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/pedants.html

Forum in English / Re: Book Cover for Solaris
« dnia: Maj 27, 2004, 08:40:53 am »
You're right. But "well built" in German means "in excellent shape". I'd prefer "heavy duty". Maybe I should give her a diet. But on the other hand: in outer space and the abscence of any air pressure she could also look like a balloon. How does a dress behave without gravity?

(Oh my god, I'm too fat! - No you're just right for me. - Really? Oh you're a liar. - C'mon get ready. We gotta leave. Oh these women. - I shouldn't trust you. I can feel I'm too fat. - ... )

Forum in English / Re: Ray Bradbury
« dnia: Maj 24, 2004, 03:25:35 pm »
I don't know exactly about Bradbury but if you go to the FAQ on lem.pl you'll find that Mr Lem is critical on sci-fi literature in general. That's the only related source on the topic I could find.

www.lem.pl should publish a listing with Mr Lem's ratings for SF writers. ;)


What might he think about Douglas Adams?

Forum in English / Re: Book Cover for Solaris
« dnia: Maj 24, 2004, 10:35:49 am »

Say what, I'll be honest ;] I don't like the silhouette of a woman there. I understand perfectly what you try to show in this picture, however... please forgive me for saying so, but she looks little funny;]  

I know that going to much into detail bears the risk to appear naive. My idea was that a being from Earth tries desperately to get to a being from Solaris. And the sphere of Solaris is opposit to the sphere of the Solaris station as a representation of planet Earth. The two persons - one in a skaphander and the other one almost bare in the outer space are symbols for pure mind and ultimate cognition on one hand and Kris behind his shield is hiding traumata on the other. The essential point of the design is the proximitry of the reaching hands. The rest is only there to create interest and resemble the mood of the seventies' sci-fi books.  I had two other versions. One without the gamma ray antenna (threat to the life of the Slaris ocean) and one with a small rocket flying by in the background. You know the one with the first appearance of the woman. But I rejected that one because it focusses to much on the  "love story".
Never the less, I think it is a good done job, especially if you created this using Star Office;] (I'm a Corel enthusiast, full respect anyway !!!). ... However I understood that you've created the Solaris' images with Bryce 5. Never heard of it (the program). Is it open source?  

Bryce belongs to Corel!

I am glad you like my website. If you go to the pages about Koserow then you are close to Poland. Koserow is on the island of Uznam. That's where I was born. Jedno pivo prosche!

Forum in English / Book Cover for Solaris
« dnia: Maj 23, 2004, 11:37:41 pm »
Hi folks,

I created a book cover for Solaris and now I'd like to learn what you think about it. I checked the cover galery of lem.pl if someone else had a similar idea before but it seems to be new. Here we go:


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