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Nirenburg´s Solaris film adaptation

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Hello again, the Forum seems to have awakened from Winter Hibernation!


This seems to be the first and little known film adaptation of Solaris.

Is it available from anywhere, in any language??

Cheers, Pekka 8)

Good question, and a very interesting find. Well nope, never heard about it tho I've heart of quite a few. I'll check it out.

It has been shown in Vremja kultura channel in Russia in the last couple of years, I have seen the trailer (my Russian is quite elementary, but understood it).

Would appreciate even full Russian copy, so far.

greetings, Pekka

Curious. Thanks, Pekka. I didn't know about that also.
"What happened is terrible. But that what never happened is much more terrible."
Snaut - Vladimir Etush
Kelvin - Vasily Lanovoy
They are well-acknowledged russian actors.

I can't wait to find the full version.

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