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Anybody know if Bradbury was counted amongst the few sf writers Lem though highly of?  

Cheers, Socrates

Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to this question, but how can't one appreciate the author of "The Martian Chronicles" :)

I don't know exactly about Bradbury but if you go to the FAQ on lem.pl you'll find that Mr Lem is critical on sci-fi literature in general. That's the only related source on the topic I could find.

www.lem.pl should publish a listing with Mr Lem's ratings for SF writers. ;)


What might he think about Douglas Adams?


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What might he think about Douglas Adams?
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I think Lem's mind is too serious to like D. Adams. Never the less I'm deeply in love with his (Adams') books. They're so happily senseless ;]  

I've read his Microworlds, but he doesn't mention Bradbury in it.  Anyway, I never heard of Adams.  Anybody read Herbert?

Cheers, Socrates


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