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Hello all, i am fan of stanislaw lem from georgia. I dont know english well but i like lem's writing style. I read stanilsaw lem's  Magellan nebula (or how it is
translated in English) and its wonderfull. I am only 15 years old but lem is my favourite writer

sorry,my english is terrible

Hi georgian, nice to have you here! Your English isn't terrible at all, don't worry :)
So you like Magellan Nebulae? Why is that?
Lem wasn't very proud of that book - some of its parts were written in accordance to marxist ideology (such as the part when the crew find abandoned US starship)... I don't think you love commusts too much in Georgia:), do you:)

I have to say, personally, that i LOVE Magellan Nebulae too and I don't mind anything in it.

oFcourse i dont like comunists.. This book is Mix maybe phylosopy and future fiction? Sorry but i dont have lem's another books in georgian language :( i hope i find it.. I think  lem's writing style like isaac azimov style you?

Yes, it has many things in common, at least as far as I remember Aasimov.
About Georgian editions of Lem's book - good thing you mentioned it, we're now trying to put together an encyclopedia of Lem, and one of our goals is to make a list of ALL Lem's editions in every lounguage. I'm sure Georgian will be included. This way you'll have easier job to do, when finding them.

Besides, you could try reading in English, right?
Best Regards!


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