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Very long word


Hello together,

I already asked this question in the German forum, but I think here is much more
activity. I'm looking for a very long word, that describes a machine or similar,
beginning with Hemonylogen... and ending with ...kolometrotron.
Thanks in advance!

Robert Boettcher:
Hi Krautteich,

yes you are right, ever since the departure of Mr. Lem, things have gone quiet in the German/English (and I presume also) SPanish Part of the Forum.

But let that not deter you from asking your question.

So you want us to come up with a long word, containing that beginning and that ending?
And it has to describe some kind of machine or similar?

Could provide more context to the intended usage? For since


looks like a long word to me, I dont have any idea what it describes.

Seriously, the first part of the word has as far as I can recognize no meaning, so the whole world could describe a machine, the tablespoon of curd the machine tries to eat of the sparkling failure of electronics when that task fails  :)

Hello Robert,

nearly you hit the nail right on the head.
But I think the word is still longer than your proposal.
There is something missing before "kolometrotron"
like "katalylserpentio".


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