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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

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Forum in English / Re: Lem has died.
« dnia: Kwietnia 02, 2006, 10:22:50 am »
I would like to propose that at 12:00 on April 4th we all raise a glass and salute the passing of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, and drink a toast to celebrate his life.
We may not be able to be there in person, but no matter where we are in the world, we can all be there together in spirit.

To Lem!

Timing,  I suppose this is  East European time, ie. 10 am GMT, haven´t we all summer time now in the EU? Pekka

Forum in English / Re: Interviews
« dnia: Kwietnia 01, 2006, 11:07:04 am »
I am looking for translator from finnish... :(

Into which language?  Besides, Finnish is also famous for its swearing cabapilities!

cheers, Pekka

Forum in English / Re: Test Pilota Pirksa
« dnia: Kwietnia 01, 2006, 01:26:12 am »
Well we use subs in cinema as well, but I've never seen them on TV. I guess it wouldn't work for us, because not everyone could read it from the screen - take some older people for instance, they cannot see the small letters. What then?

On the other hand, I know that in Germany literally everything is dubbed, so I guess it's still cool to live in Poland ::)

Well...nobody is complaining...perhaps most people are not aware about other possible solutions...when nothing is dubbed, you don´t think that anything else would be possible. If you cannot see the subtitles you just cannot. If I remember correctly it is alike in Sweden.


Forum in English / Re: Test Pilota Pirksa
« dnia: Kwietnia 01, 2006, 12:19:35 am »
You use subs in TV? Wow, I wanna go to Finland  8)

And in cinema...nothing dubbed. Perhaps because we have 2 official languages...at least people learn English ;-)


Forum in English / Re: Test Pilota Pirksa
« dnia: Marca 31, 2006, 10:52:26 pm »

I own the Polish DVD you mentioned. Unfortunately, there are no foreign subtitles. To be more acurate: there are none subs at all ::) .

I have seen this in Finnish TV in the late 80´s, so Finnish subtitles exist (we don´t dub films here at all, always use subtitles) but probably that wouldn´t help you....


Forum in English / Re: Lem has died.
« dnia: Marca 31, 2006, 12:06:09 am »
Lem did not finish his doctoral in medicine because doctors were quickly drafted by the Communists. But he did recieve an honorary doctoral in 2003. I also know that his collegues referred to him as Doctor Lem.

Yes, Stanislaw Lem received the honorary doctoral degree (Dr. rer.nat.h.c.) from the  Bielefeld University  on November 13, 2003. Probably I also supposed that he did a dissertation while doing research, but perhaps I was wrong? In this country physicians have a licenciate´s degree, which does not exist in anglo-american world. Still people call us Doctors. I thought the system is similiar in Poland, am I wrong?


Forum in English / Re: science with Lem
« dnia: Marca 30, 2006, 08:23:03 pm »

Not exactly scientfic discovery but a technological improve was the virtual reality prophetized by Lem, he called phantomatics.

I'm not sure but I think he also foresaw the nanotechnology

In Astronauci (this indeed was translated into Finnish!) the message from Venus is decyphered by connecting computers in different places on Earth to create a modular supercomputer...wasn´t it quite visionary in 1950?Strange, I have never seen anywhere anybody else pointing this out...

Pekka 8)

Forum in English / Re: about the Polish language
« dnia: Marca 30, 2006, 08:02:21 pm »
Latin: Are there places where it is still routinely taught? I always have to skip over the expressions. Speaking of which, I saw that Ritch was recently considering gathering them and coming up with translations. Sounds like a good idea to me.

I can proudly inform you that the Finnish broadcasting company is the only onw on Earth broadcasting news bulletins in Latin!

Pekka 8)

Forum in English / Re: Lem has died.
« dnia: Marca 30, 2006, 07:10:30 pm »
There are two books that explore the human soul down to its bottom: Crime and Punishment and Solaris.

The greatest author of the 20th century has passed away. There are some people you feel so close to you even though you have never met them. Goodbye master, teacher, friend.

Hephaestion from Greece

Couldn´t say it better...I read Solaris when I was 13 and after that I have been a dire admirer of Dr. Lem´s philosophy.

Dr. Lem:  I salute you with a promise:  since Finnish translation of Solaris (later I have read it also in English) is bad (not from Polish) I will now live up my dream and start learning Polish.


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