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Re: "The Star Diaries" as mini series on German TV
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Hej all!

I'm german, long-standing Lem reader, and I have seen the series, so I guess I'm entitled to utter my opinion here. ;)

It's a parody. If you watch it expecting sophisticated humor or even a serious approach, you will be harshly disappointed. But if you accept that they (a group of film students and Lem-fans, originally) simply had a bit of fun with some of the stories and their characters, you may have a laugh or two. I did. :)

The look is deliberately "trashy", most characters speak german with a heavy, fake polish accent. The humoristic quality of the episodes differs a lot, the best ones are IMHO episode 2 (Planet of Replacements), 3 (Relativistic effects), and 4 (The Futurological Congress).

It's certainly not everybody's taste. I followed a discussion on a german science fiction literature forum; I guess a poll would be somwhere around 50:50 between disappointed purists and people like me who enjoyed the humoristic approach.

And yes, Nora Tschirner looks quite cute as the "analoge Halluzinelle" ;)

-- snorri