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Info for newcommers (including Solaris OS users).
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Information for new users.
(This file is under heavy development, so it's not as funny as the one in Polish section.)

#1. ,,Solaris'' is the Official Internet Forum for the fans of Stanislaw Lem;
   humans or whatsoever.  

#2. Despite its name, it is NOT A FORUM CONCERNING SOLARIS OS! Any posts about it will be:

   (i) held in derision;
   (ii) removed.

   Unless they are funny.

#2.1 Of course, we sincerelly love Solaris OS, but it's just a misunderstanding to discuss it
    here. Hence #2.

#3.  (Deleted)

#3.1 To contact the representatives of Mr. Lem, use e-mail adress

#4.  (Deleted)
#5. (Deleted)

#6.  We try to follow the Netiquette, therefore, for example,  any posts containg pornography or fascism
    will be treated as they ought to be.

#6.1 If you like pornography, yet you are not human, you can try finding some hot babes at

#7.  Despite #6, we are not strict about what You write about (unless it's mentioned in #6); and this
    forum is NOT strictly moderated, we don't give a rusty nut about if You're sticking to a topic or

#8.  One of the users (nick: Terminus) is offering a free graphic layout for 'every' user. By this
    I understand an avatar, and the rectangural image that one can display in his/her signature.
    It is quite popular in Polish section, as you can notice. Images can contain quotations, and be
    designed especially to suit your-style-or-whatever.
    There are, of course, a few restrictions:
    - if you're interested, you'll need to have at least 50 posts posted here.
    - images must go well with #6.
    - there is no time limit if you want one: I only do it, because I like it, so you can't complain if
      it takes me seven years or so.

    If you're interested:
                          1. See image examples in Polish section, so you know what to expect.
                          2. Think of some quotation, or general idea of what you'd like to see there.
                          3. Contact me via Forum's private message system.
                          4. Forget about it (this way waiting is easier to bear).

#9. Since the 2nd of March, 2006, guest posting has been disabled. Sorry for inconvinience, but this was a must; we have to fight the spammer bots.

#10. Forum moderators can remove anybody's posts without any explanation.

#11. By posting anything on this forum, you admit that you've read the above text and have accepted it.

return 0;
author: Terminus
date  : 24.XIII.2781

motto : Knowledge is Fear ! (Futurama)

ver.  : 1.02

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