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Hello to all,
Terminus decided that writing a communal story would be a good idea, and we all agreed.  The problem is that it is in Polish.  So, to help those who don't speak that beautiful, but complicated, language, here is a crappy little translation of the story as at Aug 2.  Feel free to add to it, but only add to someone else's addition.  Ie, if Joe writes a paragraph, he cannot write another one at a later date until someone else writes on top of what he wrote.
Cheers, Socrates

The ship was drifting slowly.  For an obsolete transporter the "Mizar" looked quite impressively.  The bulging shell, despite being pocketed by microelements, still awed with its greatness.

------------------The rest shall come presently----------

[2] 8 hours passed from the moment the central computer malfunctioned.  All attempts to fix the problem or at least to bring back the communication link were not wroking.  One could notice that the crew was getting increasingly more restless.

[3]   Even though the Base clearly stated that any crew memeber found taking illegal substances will be tried (one time that happened to a certain  3rd-ranked navigator who celeberated with some friends his grandson's first interplanetary flight), but from one cubby came sounds of bottles and glasses...
----Terminus, unfinished.

------------------I have to go now - i'll log back soon.  I'll finish with the translation then - please refrain from adding on to this until I'm done (I'll only do it until Aug2) from then on, whoever wants to add on, add on.  That way, we'll have two sets of stories coming from one base.  It might be interesting to see how they'll differ.  Sorry about the dealy that will happen from now until I come back.

Cheers, Translator


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