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Cinemateca Uruguaya has provided me the following information (sorry if certain titles of Lem's books are por translations of my spanish versions):

-Der Schweigende Stern [1959], german film upon "The astronauts"
- Proffesor Zazul [1962], polish TV film; episode from Tichy's voyages.
- Przekladaniek [1968], Wajda film for polish TV (can anybody identify the source Lem's text?)
- Ikaria-XBI [1968-71], czech film partially based upon Nebula Magallanica.
- Solaris [1971], the well known Tarkowsky masterpiece.
- Test Pilota Pirxa [1979], russian-polish production from Pirx adventures, directed by Marek Piestrak.
- Szpital przemienienia [1979], Edward Zebrowski film based upon Hospital de la transfiguración.
- Un si joli village [1978], frencho film, directed by Etienne Perier, upon The Investigation.
-Victim of brain (sorry about crude translation), dutch film, 1988, dir. Piet Hoenderos, aparently based upon Peace on earth.
- Marianengraben [1994], german film, dir. Achim Bornhak, screenplay by Lem & Mathias Dinter.

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Great post! Thank you. I have seen "Ikaria-XB I" many years ago,(and Solyaris, of course) but nothing more. Now I am going to watch all of theese

Everything here would be great to watch, but how do we find it... :(

Maybe at filmoteka@filmoteka.pl can tell you how to find the polish films and at your nearer cineclub organize a "Lem week".
"Marianengraben", dir. Achim Bornhak: you can write mail@abovetheline.de, agents of Bornhak; maybe he can send you a copy (it was a student work, Oscar nominated).
"First spaceship to Venus" (Der Schweigende Stern, upon Astronauts), dir. Kurt Maetzig, is available in DVD (look the web!).
French, czech and dutch films are hard to find, due to american film distributors blocking policies.

Good luck!

here is st. interesting



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