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Andrew Krotkov, Russia:
V otlichie ot pana Lema, kotoryi znaet russkiy yazyk, ya ne znayu polskogo yazyka. Ne uveren, chto russkiy tekst-kirillitsa budet perekodirovan verno. Prodolzhayu po-angliyski.

I would like to pass the best wishes and sincere compliments to Stanislaw Lem. He is my favorite writer from times of my early childhood. I have read the first Lem's novel (Oblok Magellana) when i was 8 years old, in 1964.
It's a pity that political events and russian-poland contradictions of the last times made our connections and communications not so clear and friendly as it would like to be. I respect the personal political opinions by Stanislaw Lem and his negative attitude to modern Russia. There were many hard and tragic facts in history of Russia-Poland neighbourhood. But I stay the "parisher of Lem's church" and hear each his word with great attention. God bless you, pan Stanislaw Lem, one of the cleverest men of XX century!

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Krotkov, Russia, Moscow

Wish I speak Polish. My english is poor and češtině byste nerozuměli. I think you can let it so, mr. Krotkov. There were many bad moments, yes, also between Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union and Poland for example in 1968. Today it looks like only Slavians are able to fully understand Lem´s books. Just look around, cold war is over and militarism is still alive. What about books Memoir Found in a Bathtub and Peace on Earth? Militaristic stupidity of Pentagon is still the same, only enemy is another. It is variable meaning of word "terrorism."
I am going to read excellent story Fiasco again, it is laughing to all stupid Star Treks for me.
What if we are Quintian each to other? I am sad for that.

Hello to all,
Ja mowie po Polsku.  Polish is so very close to Czech and Russian that the both of you should simply try it.  I agree with what you guys have said, and would like to add that Memoirs... is my very favorite book by Lem.


--- Cytuj ---I am going to read excellent story Fiasco again, it is laughing to all stupid Star Treks for me.
What if we are Quintian each to other? I am sad for that.

--- Koniec cytatu ---

Well, I dare thinking we'd understand something even if it was written in Czech :)
And about being Quintian... Well, that is without doubt sad, but as you can see, there are some exceptions

Dear old warm fuzzy capacious Stanilslaw Lem is the last of the great writers.  Since Nabby (Nabokov), no one has approached his ingenuity or originality.  Lem is the ne plus ultra of a genre of writing as certainly as Bach was the ne plus ultra of a Baroque musical idiom.  What is surprising, and in various ways remarkable, is that Lem has proven to be, for the last half-century, the last writer of fiction on this planet who even remotely deserves the epithet "great."  I guess that it is almost as much a surprise to Lem himself as it is to me that the last great writer of fiction on this earth, the last in a succession of Pushkin-Gogol-Dostoievsky-Tolstoy-Flaubert-Chekhov-Proust-Kafka-Joyce-Nabokov (a false "succession," of course), should be, of all things and people, a science-fiction writer named Lem.  I sometimes wonder how lonely it must be at the top for Lem these many years; I sometimes imagine the less-than-welcome surprise it must have been to Lem to find his youthful "devil" now stuck in the role of "saint."  Lem’s plea for more intelligent science fiction would remind me of Gogol’s plea to his friends for help on the Second Part of Dead Souls (a pathetic story) if I did not know Mr. Lem’s amazing talent for dissimulation and role-playing.  You’re an astonishing fellow, Mr. Lem.  Idioms of art and of thought come, are exploited, are mined out, and go.  But I have begun to fear that Earth may not not see your equal again for millennia.  


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