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Sehr gut website.  Luckily my german wasn't all that bad, and I did get some of the text.  I visited it once before - back in the day when this Forum was all messed up.  
Great photos, and everything else.  I personally like the cover.  Though I don;t know why, but the female is kinda "well built" so to speak.  But I may be wrong, of course.

Cheers, Socrates

You're right. But "well built" in German means "in excellent shape". I'd prefer "heavy duty". Maybe I should give her a diet. But on the other hand: in outer space and the abscence of any air pressure she could also look like a balloon. How does a dress behave without gravity?

(Oh my god, I'm too fat! - No you're just right for me. - Really? Oh you're a liar. - C'mon get ready. We gotta leave. Oh these women. - I shouldn't trust you. I can feel I'm too fat. - ... )

He he he...how about "she's a bit on the portly side" or "a fine big-boned girl"...

Women.  No comment.

Cheers, Socrates


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