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The question about "Eden"
« dnia: Czerwiec 26, 2006, 12:12:40 am »
  There is a question about the Poland version of "Eden".  Is there any part deleted for some reasons in the old version of "Eden"?

 The new translation version of "Solaris" was published two years ago in Japan. This was the literal translation version from Polish. Translation of the Russian version was published before. This was a retranslation of the Russian translation of the Polish original. When I read the new translation version, I have noticed that some parts are not translated with the Russian version.

 "Eden" which I have is a Japanese version. It is the book published in 1980. The problem is the last part of the novel.

 There is a scene where doctor talks with engineer. They are looking at the spacecraft which fell on the ground. Doctor tells that the dying alien was saved. Engineer asks him whether to take an alien to the earth. He answers only a word "No" . And he gazes at a spacecraft and begins to walk in front slowly. In a book, "...." appears after depiction of this scene. And in the following scene, the spacecraft stands straight under the clear sky. And explanation that three days of hard work passed comes out in a book.

 I think that "...." is the part probably deleted for some reason. Their conversation may be that the next part was omitted. If someone knows the contents of the part, please let me know. Also, what has happened to this part in "Eden" of the latest version published in Poland?

 Moreover, does "The Invincible" have the deleted part in the Russian version published in the 1960s?