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Robert Boettcher:
Dear all,

please excuse repeated bumping. However I have this to say:
When I joined this forum in 2005 as Sogo (Lem was still alive back then), the forum was not literally teeming with activity (as nowadays 'Social Media' spam sites would. But there was activity by a few dedicated users and the exchange was quite remarkable.

Then Lem died and I had to move my living space, quite drastically chaning my schedule. The last time I logged in with the old profile and looked, there was literally no activity on the English part of the Forum.

But there is still on the Polish Side.
And to he honest, Google Translate from Polish to English is much more comprehensible than from Polish to, for Example, German.

I somewhere gathered that Google translates the page into English first, and then from there into the target language.

Not unlike Captain Prendel in Memoirs found in a Bathtub, running Shakespeares Excerpt from Romeo and Juliet through his DEC Machine twice and finding ever 'deeper' and 'hidden' meaning.

And as for the other authors, I would really like to find Science-Fiction Authors who are having their science right, just like Lem did. It took me considerable effort to read up on Physics of Gravity and Speed of Light to understand where his literary exposition took over from hard scientific facts in his book Fiasco.

If there is that type of book by other Polish Authors (translated or not) it would be interesting. Meanwhile I stick to Lem as his work is still rich enough to find new things.
And Michael Kandel has done great translations, as far as I can judge from having read the German Edition of most of Lem's books.


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