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Honest Annihilator:
Just wanted to briefly say “Hello” as a new member.  I love the best of Lem’s writings, which are so powerful that they even manage to come across in English translation. 

Which brings me to my point: I have looked at the “last 100 Posts”, but not one has been in English, and every week although there are new postings they are all in a different language.  I am assuming that the majority are in Polish, though despite the fact that my late father-in-law came from Lvov (and himself spoke several languages fluently) I am unfortunately deficient in this department.  Technology being what it is these days, is it therefore at all possible for this fine-looking site to somehow incorporate some sort of “instantaneous translation” facility that would enable the English speakers to participate more?

In the meantime, I wish all the best to Lem aficionados everywhere who share an such impeccably fine taste in the matter.

Yours honestly...

HAL 9000:
Hi, nice to see (or read) You  :)
Yes, this forum is mostly Polish. If you want, Google offers page translation: http://itools.com/tool/google-translate-web-page-translator
But there is a problem - automated translators are quite poor. They are good only if you want to translate single word or expression. Polish language is rather difficult to translate in this way and this is a forum - we usually don't use here "dictionary language" and play with words - so automated translator give you only a babble.
By the way, how many language mistakes i did in the text above? ;) Languages aren't my strong point.

Honest Annihilator:
Thank you, HAL.  You and Golem must meet up sometime.

Yes, automated translators are quite poor at the moment.  Maybe we should get Trurl the constructor on the job??  A shame, as some of these posts look to be very interesting – as far as I can discern.

Roll on the day when all of the “Master’s” works are available in good quality English translation!

--- Cytat: HAL 9000 w Listopada 06, 2013, 07:51:39 pm ---By the way, how many language mistakes i did in the text above? ;) Languages aren't my strong point.
--- Koniec cytatu ---

Yes, YOUR English was fine right up to the last sentence where you enquired about it!  (Possibly you meant “mistakes did I make in....”?)

Forthrightly & Honestly yours,

HAL 9000:
Do you read Lem's works in translation by Michael Kandel? I heard that this translations are very good, but of course I can't judge that. Here is a thread about a book about Lem and Kandel: http://forum.lem.pl/index.php?topic=1057.0 Unfortunately, such thread is only in Polish part of the forum.
Do you know only Lem's books, or do you read also other Polish sf-writers? Lem is of course the best one, but we have more writers than one :) Russian writers are also good in sf.

Yes, I forgot about the inverse. Again.

Honest Annihilator:
Hello, HAL, apologies for not responding sooner: yes, Michael Kandel is very good – how he was able to translate something as linguistically contrived (with all of the neo-pharmaceutical names, etc., involved) as The Futurological Congress is a marvel.  If only he could do everything else in Mr Lem's oeuvre!

Shame that the Polish part of the thread is such a widespread element for us mere English speakers, but hardly surprising of course!  (A big “up” to the Poles! I am not familiar with other Polish or Russian-sf writers myself…)  Still, I will look forward to contributing occasionally as & where it seems appropriate…

'Biding my time' (as always)


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