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Quinta and Earth


A Retrochronalities

Enabled by: Sidereal Engineering.
Utilizing: Swinging Black Hole of 200.000 sun masses.
HowTo: While staying above the Event-Horizon letting time pass differently outside of one's position.

Enabled by: M-Theory
Utilizing: Magnetic-fields with a billion Gauss
HowTo: chain a single string to create temporal worm hole, enabling manipulation of spacetime

Wouldn't it be possible to send back Probes into times long since past? 
Or perhaps to go back in Retrochronalities, to become one's own grandfather?

--- Cytuj ---Pater Arago: "I believe that the creator limited us in nothing."

--- Koniec cytatu ---

Is it therefore hypothetically possible to attempt to create a past different from the one experienced?
It could be logically sound, when one takes into account the Many-World-Theorem, whereasin one would simply create a universe in which whatever is being influenced would reach down from this point in time and therefore create another possible (even if possibly unprobable, like being one's own grandfather).

The energy contained in a single string however is to high to even be measured yet, let alone chain them...
When being able to engineer within Planck-Timescale, all vibrational modes of matter and gravitation are able to be described...

B Arms Race

- Ballistic Missiles stored from the North-Pole down to the Equator, supposedly on both sides, while one fired four dozen at the visitors equipment.

Earth Sam:
- One bloc contains more sea-faring weapons than the rest combined. Military overthrow of  Sam (major opponent 1) may be impossible by now.

Then what sort of game results? Syria is what in this context?

C Civilization

Quinta Mounds just the picture though

- Debodifying of civilizations members, synergy in surface biodomes, drawing energy from the lithosphere. Communication by anaerobic spores throbing within areboic tissue of semi-fluid consistency.

Earth  US IdeaZion:

With slight alterations:
- Force field protected domes, with surviving humans moving underwater, with underwater fusion-power providing light and energy (on this I elaborate in separate post).
- Communication by vacuum tubes between domes.

Looks like very StarCraft-ish scenario...

Or maybe you just mistaking Lem with David Weber?

Stanisław Remuszko:
Now in Poland (Earth) we have the little Quinta, alas :-(

@SoGo01 Nice. Sorry though, you seem to have provided us with a delicately disconnected ideas/visions. When viewed separetely, none of them is absurd (on the contrary), I do not see where you're headed. Overally, I am under the impression that what you want to say, is that Lem's predictions contained within Fiasco tend to materialize themselves nowadays into reachable possibilities. Thank you for making your thoughts public.

In my perception, Lem's Quinta vison is just as well going to drown in the en-tangled, Huxley's contemporaneity. Its remarkable correctness will maybe enlight few scientific-minded individuals, and then follow the way of dodo... Guess I'm not at all that happy with it.

Oh and by the way, we knew before, that Lem was genius:) Mind that he wrote Fiasco in 1987...

Robert Boettcher:
That this was posted in a Forum like that, but its actually nice that it remains here, though it is a disjointed note of thoughts, riddled with doubt and concern about the state of the world.

The Problem is, for anyone reading that without having byhearted Fiasco, this will appear as little else but a rather incomprehensible Piece of Information. Nonetheless, it could be processed to become something of the Sort of "Expressions in the Real world in 2014 of Phenomena described by Lem in 1987"

@Stanislaw Remuszko: I'm under the impression the whole planet is inundated by the informaiton flood, our equivalent to the Quintans blocking out their ionospheric communication channels with white noise. At any rate there is but little hope, as Lem described in this article in German www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/interview-mit-stanislaw-lem-wir-steuern-auf-einen-nuklearkrieg-zu-a-400622.html where he says we are inevitably heading for nuclear war.

And that is described by Lem in Fiasco (1987) as a scenario to which no side will take the first step, as it would inevitably stretch to tbe point of extinction. So while we all hope self-preservation keeps us from this last final step, seeing the power blocks edge closer on each other than they have done for the last decade or so is more than enough to make someone uneasy who constantly watches the news and feeds on the informatio nprovided there.


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