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Guidelines For Lem-Inspired Stories?
« Odpowiedź #30 dnia: Sierpnia 31, 2014, 03:23:28 am »
In the opinion of the most devoted Lem fans on Solaris Station: What are the guidelines to writing fiction (or science fiction) in the vein of Stanislaw Lem?

I just signed up with this forum today, and am responding to a topic posted four years ago, located here:

Here is my suggestion:

Stanislaw Lem is known for uber-hyperbolic imagery of great intelligence and wit. So I would read three or four of his most hilarious works, such as: "The Futurological Congress," "The Star Diaries," "The Cyberiad" and "Tales of Pirx the Pirate."

You should also have (or develop) a good knowledge of social critique and other sci-fi authors who are witty, such as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Douglas Adams. Here is a page listing of sci-fi writers who are also hilarious:

Of course, if you are not passionate about telling tall tales, you won't get anywhere. But if you are, then this is a good start.