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Forum in English / Translating LEM into our new times
« dnia: Marca 09, 2013, 08:07:04 am »
Dear all,

I propose a LEM translation project.

On re-reading Fiasco, I was struck by the need to translate LEM into our new technological era.
Young people just will not understand why no one swipes an iphone or looks up their social network status.

Of course, LEM foresaw many of these changes.
But not quite in the way they turned out.

Below is a list of similar technological "translations" I would make.
It would be exciting to "translate" a story, deleting the old tech that he refers to, and inserting this new tech.
I can imagine doing this together with other people who love LEM.

It would be a fanboy tribute to LEM, of course. Might bring him new readers!
We might need the "blessing" of his estate or publisher. Who should I ask?

= = = =

A list of technological changes we should "re-write"

Desktop consoles and clunky computers >> tablets, smartphones, touchscreens
phones on wires >> tiny, wireless communication devices
memorials, plaques, tomes >> online electronic memorials
newspapers, announcements >> micro-news feeds, twitter
pencil, notepad, stylus >> evernote, synched, picture/audio note-taking, searchable
large thick reference book > searchable, thin ipad-like reading experience
dedicated camera, scanner >> all-in-one, always with you, device with apps
note taking, photorphaing >> all in one experience capture, tap and capture
squawking intercoms >> rich, subwoofer, gorgeous full-spectrum sound
paper, scissors, glue >> one click pin and share
piles of books >> flipboard, lists of electronic books in a Kindle
music rare, must be turned on >> music playing everywhere, peer to peer
nuclear piles >> hybrid engines with nuclear, plasma, hydrogen and magentic, switching as needed
tape recorder >> ubiquitous life recorders, soundclouds
physical store >> online store, digital delivery
reality >> game-ality, gamification
rocket ship dashboard passively waiting >> gamified touch-screen arcade, encourages involvement, rich media
movies by professionals >> prosumer, movies by people, made on the spot
maps, charts >> waze, gps, touch screen
privacy >> social networks
dedicated tools >> corwdsourcing and sharing of tools
dedicated engines diesel, hydraulics, rumbling >> hybrid shifting from diesel to electric, to magnetic
heavy made machinery >> 3d printed stuff, very fine
user interface set long ago >> changing user interfaces based on ongoing learning
big, clunky, odd looking machines >> smooth, small, elegant fixtures
leaking oil >> self cleaning nano stuff
mass produced goods >> single-produced by 3d printing
meetings, conferences >> remote telepresence, webex whiteboards
buttons, levers, affordances >> gesture in front of camera (Knect)
boss, manager, commander >> social network voted respect, command, presence

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