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I am a french reader of Stanislas Lem. I have made a website in which I show pictures I made from the novel Solaris. The website is in french (may be a day I'll made an english version) but there is a lot of pictures you can watch. Please, tell me what do you think about il.


Well, I must say they are very, I mean VERY impressive. On one hand one can get sick from the pinky colours, but on the other hand, we have to mind that it sort of  'actually' looked like this according to the book. You are creative and also you followed the descriptions of the Ocean's creatures, resulting in what is in my opinion one of the very few images of what Mimoids and other actually looked like. It's a real pleasure to watch!

It shows in Your work that You've merged coloured hand drawings with 3D rendering, and that conceptions surely works for me, it gives the whole a feeling of naturality, at the same time preserving the details.

So to summarize, they're perfect! I'd like to see such ilustrations in some edition of the book ::)

And You should definitely translate Your page into English, it would enable us to read it, and it's doubtlessly interesting.

Best Regards

You did a great job on Symetriade 3. I like this one.

The sketches you placed under your color works make pretty good impression. I've always
liked conceptual pictures. On those black-and-white pics I can see sort of transparent slime among
those, I'd say, fingers or tentacles. In the color version they are gone. Was it intended?

I'm looking forward to see english version of your web page.

In my opinion Mimoids are looking too much CG, but on the other hand parhaps it was exactly what you wanted them to look like.

Anyway, good work!


Thank for your comments.

For Terminus:

Yes, the colour of the sky is strange but it is said in the novel that during the red day the sky is purple. I prefer to place my pictures during the red day because I do not like too much the colours of the blue day but I would try a day.  

For Deckard:

The design of the symetriade have evolved much. I had planned for a moment to place membranes on the "branches" but finally I did not retain them. I would probably use them for a other version later. For the mimoides,  yes you are right, they look like very CGI  but  I don't dislike it. However, today I must say that I find them a little small, Lem speaks about structures being able to reach the size of a continent. They are are old mimoides, who shrinked  with the time. I would make one day a version showing of a mimoide much larger (and less CGI).

Thereafter I would add other pictures on my site. Currently I work on a asymetriade.

Very nice work. Am I right that these works are 3D visualizations with hand-made retouche? (;D I'm not telling You I can read French). What prog do You use? Do You use air-brush to retouche? What is the size of the ready work? What does it mean "Le Roman" in French?


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