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Help needed with a piece of „Wizja lokalna”


Incnis Mrsi:
Please, help to translate into English a fragment of a Luzanian sage’ speech (do not know how his name is spelled, should be something like “Aniks”) starting from comparison of Luzanian and Kurdlandian ideologies that are apparently opposite, and up to something like “I do not think that details of a solution are significant since there are no perfect solutions”.

Or, as an option, could anybody Email me the original Polish text?

I do not have problems with understanding it because of two slightly different Russian translations, but I am unwilling to translate from a translation, whereas Google searches for «kurdlandzkie luzańskie ideologii», «kurdlandzka luzańska», and similar do not reveal the original text in the open Web.

Incnis Mrsi:
One of users sent me the requested text in Polish. The translation (of its parts important for me) is:

--- Cytat: Anix ---Superficially, Kurdlandian and Luzanian ideologies are radically different, but their payload is the same. The idea is to enjoy the benefits of social order without its calamities. Here and there the freedom has to be at peace with captivity not through the workings of the spirit, but from the outside. If one look at the matter, they’ll see that between us and them there is no significant difference. Statewalk solution to the dilemma is different from quickiesphere on the measures, but not in terms of the goal. Our prisons are more comfortable than Kurdlandian ones and are less visible, however, we are trapped in the same way as they are. Here and there the boundaries are imposed from the outside. This approach to all phenomena of living followed us since early times.

Maybe you do not know that we grasped at the ethicosphere like at a straw rather than at a mirage of perfection. Welfare deprives of thoughts and gives birth to violence going from despair, when debauchery replaces the misery of poverty. We had no other way.

I think the Ka-Undrium was also a form of fusion of freedom and captivity. I do not know exactly which, but I do not think that the specificity of the solutions was important because completely good solutions do not exist.

--- Koniec cytatu ---


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