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Ray Bradbury

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Lem mention Bradbury by name in an essay from Microworlds. I promise look for the exact page. (Its not very praise about him)

Please do, i would be much obliged.  I must have missed it myself...
Cheers, Socrates

Harcourt & Brace, 1984

In the last pages (158 and ss.) of the essay Time travel... of Microworlds, Lem refer to R. Bradbury and J.G. Ballard. While he recognize the skills and artistry of these authors, he is very critic whith their aproach to the genre of s.f.

Lem says that B. limit himself to pointing out the mistakes and the worst of the science an reason (a hopeless pessimism), but fails to explore the outer limits of the rational; the option to a bad knowledge (according to Lem) is more and better knowledge, but Bradbury cancels or dont see this option.

To sum-up, Lem dont says Bradbury is a bad writer (to the contrary), but says he is a SCI-FI flawed author.

I dont know if I did explain me very well, my english is terrible when --trying-- going complex. If I have time I will trascript extracts of the essay, is worthwhile --as all from Lem  ;).

Thanks a lot!  I'll go and read it myself today.  Appreciated greatly!  Plus - your english is fine; much better than you think it is.

Cheers, Socrates

What are those Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles" about? Should I read it?

I'll welcome answers:]


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