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You definitely should read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If you like it, read the other books in the right order. They are a trilogy consisting of four books.

In some respect they are similar to the Star diaries. Adams also develops a number of funny situations that develop out of unconventional logical relations. They are definitely worth reading. Make sure you don't hurt yourself or your family if you burst in laughter. If you don't burst in laughter, well, Adams might not be the right author for you. Most like it, some don't.

Try his shorty on pedants to get a feel for his style: http://www.douglasadams.com/dna/pedants.html


--- Cytuj ---...  Anybody read Herbert?

--- Koniec cytatu ---

Probably everybody who has something in comonn with this very forum ;)
("Dune" at least)


--- Cytuj ---  Anybody read Herbert?

Cheers, Socrates
--- Koniec cytatu ---

Oh sweet God... have I?

(IMHO Dune deserves another forum :))


--- Cytuj ---I never heard of Adams.

Cheers, Socrates
--- Koniec cytatu ---

Wow, I envy you :) If I  never heard of Adams I wouldn't have to look for my head after I once laughed it off while reading his books. HE"S BRILLIANT (hilarious, at least :) Not too serious (gosh, he's not serious at all! Imagine the "Improbablity engine" he is writing about : the idea is based on a fact, that "THe probablity that the given spaceship is placed in a given point of a space is 0 <=> the ship is everywhere at the same time (so the navigators need just to select the desired destination point and the ship is already there (as it was before, hehe))  ;] )

Reading Adams is a big laugh. (And that's all, to be honest, but what so....) :]


Hey, if it comes so highly recommended, I'll jump to it as soon as I'm done with the current batch of novels I've doomed myself to read.  
If Dune was already read by all here, how about the "Destination Void" serries?  It's also great.

Cheers, socrates


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