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Summa technologiae traslated to english?
« dnia: Wrzesień 06, 2005, 09:27:34 pm »
From the mailing list of Michael Sofka site:


>A scientist and I are applying for a government grant to
>translate Lem's SUMMA TECHNOLOGIAE (we have Lem's
>approval), and we're trying to make the case for why
>American intellectuals today need to listen to a Polish
>essay written forty years ago.
>I'm arguing that successful attempts to bridge
>C.P. Snow's "two-cultures" division between the
>sciences and the humanities are very rare:
>I gave as examples Stephen Jay Gould,
>Douglas R. Hofstadter,and John Allen Paulos
>(_A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper_).
>Can you think of anyone else? Or any examples of
>how this gap is damaging to our culture?
>Michael Kandel
>Modern Language Association
>26 Broadway, 3rd floor
>New York, NY 10004-1789

-As I recall, Swedish Nobel laurate Hannes Alfven
also published a collection of essays bridging the
"two cultures" divide (Swedish title "M-70").
Alas, American decision-makers might regard the
example as too obscure.

Damn, it is really hard to find good examples.
I know Freeman Dyson has written many essays
of this kind, but few have read him.

Is Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" a good example ?

..."examples of how this gap is damaging to our culture?"

The matter of how to assign priority to various risks,
would be an example of when a good grasp of the
underlying physical reality is important, but rare  -a
result of the cultural divide.
There are also many other crucial decisions that
require such a grasp of the "nuts and bolts" of reality.

How do we decide wether the risk of a grade 5 hurricane
is big enough to invest money in extra coastal protection ?
-How do we weigh this investnment against other risks,
like investing billions into defence against terrorists with
chemical weapons, a threat that may or may not exist ?

Is it justified to give schoolchildren bulletproof vests,
or are other risks more relevant for them ?

When choosing what to eat or which medicines to use,
should we be guided by new age arguments or by science ?
And why is science more reliable than  various advice
given by the likes of Lobsang Rampa ?

Is it true or false that global warming is a false threat
dreamed up by liberal scientists to motivate vast inter-
ventions against the free global capitalism ?

When fighting AIDS, what credence should we give
to the Vatican  when it says condoms (the only safety
measure available in the third world) are unreliable for
protection ?

Yours   Birger


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Re: Summa technologiae traslated to english?
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Wrzesień 06, 2005, 10:38:04 pm »
The US govt? I fear that Kandel et al. will have to hope that officials get it confused with Summa Theologica...


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Re: Summa technologiae traslated to english?
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: Wrzesień 12, 2005, 04:36:58 am »
I agree...I think they had better just look for grants elsewhere.  
This is not the most literate administration we have ever seen, to say the least.
Doesn't the Getty Institute still give grants for works of humanitarian interest and benefit?


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